Shipping & Returns

Shipping Policy



All shipping prices include: Postage, handling, fuel and package costs where necessary. 


Items are shipped from Northern California.


DOMESTIC SHIPPING - Prices start at: 

  • Standard Batch Shipping** - $4.65 - Estimated arrival: 6-14 days*

  • Expedited Shipping** - $7.05 - Estimated arrival: 6-8 business days*

  • (Batch) Shipping with Signature Confirmation** - $6.40 - Estimated arrival: 7-14 days*


*Excludes Holidays and Weekends, shipping estimates include the time to process the order plus the estimated shipping time given by the carrier. These times of arrival are estimates only and are not guaranteed. Shipping costs increase with amount of items ordered. Expedited orders placed before 8:00 am PST will be processed next business day and normally shipped on following business day. Processing for larger orders may take an additional day. Regardless of shipping method chosen all large orders will require Delivery Signature! Depending on order load, ALL orders may take an additional day, I'm only human.


** Batch Shipping, Priority Shipping, & Priority Shipping with Signature Confirmation - 

  • Batch Shipping - USPS 1st Class Mail Parcel can hold up to 3 ounces of mohair, any more than that will be automatically bumped up to Priority price. Orders with Batch Shipping method will be promptly processed but they will go out on the next available batch shipment date. Batch shipments happen twice a week, though often different days each week, this would occur the beginning of the week and the end of the week. Batch Shipped orders will go out once a week minimum. On average, Batch Shipped orders will be shipped in 2-4 business days, once they are shipped will take on average 6-7 business days in transit to arrive. 

Please note that this shipping method is 1st Class Mail Parcel (not 1st Class Mail Envelope) and costs more to ship as a thick envelope due to the bulkiness of merchandise. Postage will be paid as a Parcel so do not pay extra at pickup if the postal service improperly requires it. Instead, note the price of postage to the employee that it is Parcel. Why do I mention this? There's a Post Office in Florida that repeatedly charges the receiver extra.

  • Expedited Shipping - Shipped as USPS Priority Mail. These orders will be processed the day after payment of order is received and ship out the following day. Transit time for these orders are typically 2-4 business days. Estimated arrival from day ordered is 6-7 business days, does not include holidays or weekends.

  • Batch Shipping with Signature Confirmation - This is shipped with USPS First Class Parcel Shipping method and includes the standard Signature Confirmation by USPS. This will require any signature to be delivered. Shipping speed is similar to Batch Shipping method listed above.

  • Express Shipping by USPS -  ***This method is not offered because when Priority Mail orders are mailed the same day as an Express Mail order, they arrive the same day. The price difference does not warrant the speed, it is advised that the buyer purchase our Expedited method for quick arrivals at a decent price. 


Multiple Orders/Combining Shipping: Combined shipping is available if you email us and let us know what orders you want combined if possible. Orders that can be combined are limited to those arriving at the same address which have not been processed and packaged yet. We will refund the shipping on all applicable orders minus the Paypal base fee issued per order. This will delay the shipping date by a day or two.


Standardized Address: Please note that the USPS will standardize any shipping address and this may not match the address you provided in Paypal. By selecting a shipping method available on Angora Mohtique, you are agreeing that the address provided is valid by the USPS and the Paypal shipping guarantee will only be honored if the address matches the USPS standardized version. If in the case that the standardized USPS address is different than the address submitted to Paypal, you agree that Angora Mohtique and its people will not be held responsible for lost items. To ensure that your item makes it to you, make sure the address submitted to Paypal is accepted by USPS. Not all Paypal verified addresses match the USPS addresses.


 For example: if the city entered for shipping becomes standardized to a different city by the USPS, you acknowledge that Paypal's guarantee is no longer valid.



Shipping Address: Your order will be shipped to your Shipping address. Make sure your address entered at Paypal is the destination. Postage will be printed through Paypal which will use the address you have entered or have on file. If your shipping address entered on Angora Mohtique does not match the address provided to us through Paypal, your order will be suspended and you will be contacted for correct information. 


Billing Address: Your Billing Address should match the information of your payment method to prevent any delay of your payment being authorized. This is not the address your order will be shipped to.


Please see information at bottom of page for Lost Items, Returns, and other information. 


NORTH AMERICA - CANADA  SHIPPING*** - Prices start at:

  • USPS Express Mail* - $43.95 - Estimated delivery time: 4-5 days

  • Standard Rate**- Estimated delivery time: 1-2 weeks.

USPS Mail Parcel - $12.55 up to about one ounce of doll hair,

USPS Mail Parcel - $16.25 up to approximately 2 ounces of hair, 

USPS Mail Parcel - $18.65 for approximately 3 ounces of hair. 

After 3 ounces, shipping will automatically be USPS Express Mail. 


Depending on Shipping cost total, we may upgrade shipping method at our discretion without notice.

*Excludes Holidays and Weekends. Express Mail shipping method includes tracking with delivery confirmation. This shipping method is a flat rate, so it is the same if you order 4 ounces or 8 ounces.

**This shipping method is Not Guaranteed if item is lost. Delivery time varies, about 1-2 weeks. By choosing the standard shipping method, you acknowledge the risks of the item not arriving. Shipping address must be a confirmed address with Paypal.  Shipping price includes postage for Parcel shipping, handling, fuel and package costs. Standard Shipping Method requires a Customs Declaration; an itemized form which is proof of shipment, date stamped by the postal service at time of shipment which contains a unique customs transit number. This number is available upon request.

***Our Terms and Policy is in English as well as our site. Even if you do not read, write, or speak English, our Terms and our Policy still apply, even if you decide not to read them. If you speak, read, or write, another language, it's your responsibility to use a translator. 




OVERSEAS INTERNATIONAL*** - Prices starting at:

  • Standard Rate* - 

USPS Mail Parcel - $16.75 up to about 1 ounce of doll hair.

*Standard Rate shipping method is Not Guaranteed if item is lost. Delivery time varies, about 2-3 weeks. By choosing this Standard Shipping method, you acknowledge the risks of the order not arriving and you will not hold Angora Mohtique responsible for its loss.  Shipping address must be a confirmed address with Paypal. We may upgrade to Express Mail shipping at our discretion for large orders. Available to most major Country locations. 


USPS Express Mail - Starts at $67.95*** - This shipping method includes tracking, delivery confirmation, insurance and is guaranteed. Estimated delivery time given by the USPS: 4-7 business days. Express Mail Estimated delivery time from our experience: 7-10 business days. (This service is integrated with EMS). Price increases depending on amount of mohair ordered, large orders require several envelopes which will require individual postage.


Depending on Shipping cost total, we may upgrade shipping method at our discretion without notice.


 ***Our Terms and Policy is in English as well as our site. Even if you do not read, write, or speak English, our Terms and our Policy still apply, even if you decide not to read them. If you speak, read, or write, another language, it's your responsibility to use a translator. 




    • Angora Mohtique ships merchandise to locations within the United States and U.S. territories, including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the US Virgin Islands. If your country is not available, then we do not ship to it. Additionally, Angora Mohtique ships merchandise toCanada and Mexico. The risk of loss and title for all merchandise ordered on this Web site pass to you when the merchandise is delivered to the shipping carrier.

      • • Estimated Shipping Times do not include Holidays and Weekends.
        - International shipping is to certain locations only, if you do not see a shipping price for your order, then e do not ship to your location. We no longer ship to Russia because the postal service is refusing our merchandise to that location.    
        • We can ship up to approximately 12 Ounces of Doll Hair into one Express Mail Package (USPS Express Mail Package has a weight limit, but this is about how much doll hair will fit in one envelope). We suggest that international orders buy in bulk to offset price of shipping, several items will be the same as 1 item.
        • We can combine items in Express Mail Flat Rate. The cost of Express Mail includes Insurance, Delivery Confirmation and Tracking. Orders are processed within 2 business days.
        • International buyers are responsible for all customs fees. Items can be marked as gift, but a value will still be applied for Insurance reasons. This may or may not require a customs fee upon acceptance.
        • International orders may take longer to receive, depending on the country, much longer if held in your Country's Customs Office which have the right to hold for 30 days and open package. All items MUST be cleared through the Customs Clearance Processing Center which can average another 10 days before clearance. Please check your Countries Customs Office if Longer. Remember, customs fees, import duties, Taxes, and Brokerage Fees (if any) are not included in the shipping that the post office charges! These fees are payable by you, the purchaser. 



      • International Customs and import duties may be applied to International orders when the shipment reaches its destination. Such charges are the responsibility of the recipient of your order and vary from country to country. Contact your local customs office for details. Shipping laws are different in each country. It is your responsibility to check with your Customs office to verify whether the country to which you are shipping permits the shipment of your products. Angora Mohtique is not responsible for any direct, indirect, punitive, or consequential damages that arise from improper international shipping practices.



        • Q: Why is the price of Express Shipping method for International more than the common Economy Shipping method seen elsewhere?

          A: We offer Express mail shipping through the USPS for international orders/air mail. This method is sent in an Express Mail envelope with the required customs forms for transportation and can hold several items. 
          International shipping cost reflects the type of shipping method we use. For our international orders we are required to use a method that provides Insurance and Delivery Confirmation according to Paypal. USPS Express mail offers this, plus tracking and ships faster than the economy $5-7 shipping method. The economy shipping method often used by other senders cannot provide the required insurance and delivery confirmation that assures both parties that the item has arrived. Often times economy shipping is not accepted by customs offices and the item will be discarded at their discretion before arriving to its destination. This results in many items being lost and in need of replacement which can become costly and time consuming for the sender. Instead of removing the international shipping method completely, we provided an option to international customers. Though the method is more than standard economy shipping, it's a flat rate which is the same for several items as it is for the 1 item. The majority of international customers buy in bulk to offset the price of shipping, and they can be confident that their large order will arrive safely.






Making sure your address is confirmed in your paypal account beforehand is best. When addresses are Paypal Confirmed, the Buyer and Seller are protected against lost items. ALSO - The Item Purchased (according to Paypal) with Tracking or Delivery Confirmation will be covered by their policy, this is already included in the cost of our Domestic & Express shipping.




Items, or the cost of, will not be reimbursed by paypal to the Buyer if lost during shipment to an UNCONFIRMED address or if the item has no way of being tracked. PLEASE TAKE NOTE - We require Buyers to confirm their addresses inside their own Paypal Accounts in order to qualify for any lost item replacement or refund within the date specified.

If item is not received within the specified delivery estimate, please refer to tracking if available for your shipment. We must be contacted within 45 days from the time order was placed on any lost or undelivered items. If items cannot be located through the delivery system, we will then replace or refund to our discretion. Items not received after 45 days from order date will not be honored.

Items showing a delivered status by the shipping company are considered complete by Paypal. Therefor, if the item is lost after delivered, we are not responsible. We encourage you to contact your postal service to locate your delivered package. 


Shipping & Delivery Locations 

Unclaimed Parcels, Envelopes, Packages by the recipient: We are not responsible for items being disposed of or returned by any postal service or customs office, domestic or international, if the item is not claimed by the recipient. All postage is non refundable for any order returned due to being unclaimed. In the event that you have been involved in unforeseen consequences and you were not able to claim your item upon delivery, we can refund you for the item if it has been returned to us by the postal service, minus the cost of original shipping paid and any return fees incurred by the postal service. Please contact us for further details regarding your order.

Return & Exchange Policy

Returns Policy :  

Please notify us within three days of receiving item if you need to return it, we must be notified before Item is returned so we will know an item is on its way to us.  We accept returns on items that are new, inoriginal condition as shipped from our store, we do not accept returns on used items. 

Dyed mohair may differ from the photo slightly, we will accept a return if the color doesn't look as you had hoped and you will be refunded for the amount of the item excluding shipping, you will also be responsible for the cost of return shipping. Buying dyed mohair, you acknowledge that it may not look exactly as the photo in color. 

Items that are "Not as described" through Paypal will only be considered not as described if the color, wave, length, and fineness is completely different than expected - e.g. such as buying brown hair and it arrives as blonde. Or order straight hair and it arrives as small wavy. This will be deemed "Not as described".

Buyer pays return shipping, for your protection, we suggest that the items be sent back to us through a traceable carrier that offers delivery confirmation or tracking. 

All items returned that meet these conditions will be refunded to the users account purchased from, less the original shipping and handling fees. 

After your item is received by us and inspected, providing item is restockable, you will be notified of your refund/store credit.

Store credit given for the returned item/s will be in the form of a Store Credit Certificate by email, redeemable to your account.  

Please note that items not meeting the return conditions will be subject to a partial credit and restocking fee of 20%.