Mohair Facts

Here's some fact based information about the Basic Properties of Mohair ...


Mohair Facts: Mohair is a fiber produced only by Angora Goats. 


  • Mohair is classed as a luxury fiber and is often used to make high end clothing and furnishings.

  • Annual mohair fleece weight from kids averages around 2 to 3 lbs, and 4 to 9 lbs from adults.

  • Fibers range in length from 6 to 7 inches in six months and can be white or colored with a high luster and silky feel.

  • Angora goat's mohair fleece grows about an inch a month. 


Mean average fiber diameter ranges are:


  • Superfine kid (23 microns or less) 

  • Fine kid (23-27 microns) 

  • Fine Yearling (27 microns)

  • Yearling goat (27-30 microns)  

  • Fine Adult hair (30-33 microns) 

  • Adult hair (33-38 microns or above) 

  • Coarse Adult (above 38 microns) 

~~ These are also the varieties of mohair size types we sell. 


 Mohair can in theory contain up to four fiber types:

  •  Non-medulated fibers (the best quality to aim for).

  •  Non-medulated fibers with medulated tips. 

  •  Medulated fibers. 

  •  Kemp (short guard hairs). 

  •  High quality mohair contains little or no medulated or kempy fibers.