Frequently asked questions

Can I access my old account from the previous store?

Since we have changed our stores locations to a new host we no longer have access to the previous data base so there is no access to the old accounts or previous orders.

Why did you switch to a new store?

Our old store was becoming outdated and it was becoming increasingly difficult to add new products without an error preventing us from adding a product description.

Why do I see pictures or info of tea?

The base layout of the store editor used the example of a tea store layout. Although I've tried to convert the entire store over to mohair, there may be the occasional trace of tea although we do not sell tea. Please be patient while I try to edit the entire site layout, I had to move our store on a short notice.

I'm having trouble placing an order on the new store, what do I do?

If you have any sort of trouble on this store please email me with as much detail as to where the problem occured - what page or category you were on, what you tried to click - and I will see what I can do to fix it.

Do you have Priority Shipping?

Priority Mail shipping method is available for domestic orders, in the cart use the pull down menu to select the shipping method from the list. By default, domestic orders will see Batch Shipping.

Why don't I see my location available?

We can only ship to certain locations, some areas do not permit the import of animal fiber so we will not ship to those locations. Currently we ship domestically to the USA, our neighboring countries in Canada & Mexico. Some international countries such as Australia, United Kingdom, France, Poland, Ireland, Germany, and South America to name a few.

I'm in need of a certain color, how long will it take?

If you don't see a particular color there's a posibility that we could try to make it, this generally takes 4-5 weeks to complete from start to finish. Certain colors take longer while a few others can be finished sooner. If we are able to make a color for you, we ask that you confirm with us that you plan to wait, this way we will know to put you on the wait list and bump the color up on our list of things to make. Otherwise, if we don't hear back from you, we will figure you decided to pass on the wait, and it will be added to the bottom of the list of things to do.

Do you have kid mohair doll hair crafting locks?

We rarely have kid mohair available, it all depends on the supply of kid mohair we have on hand to use. Kid mohair can only come from the first clipping of the angora kid, and as much as we enjoy having goat kids, we don't have goat kids every year, so it's not a common fiber around the farm. Due to the lack of kid mohair we cannot fulfill color requests on kid mohair.

Do you guarantee against bleeding mohair?

There is no guarantee although every batch is processed, and extra steps are taken with the intentions that it shouldn't bleed dye. All mohair made here has been made per the instructions for setting dye to the best of our abilities, it is tested a final time as it's being made into locks. Although we process every batch to set the dye, and test every batch before being listed, there is no guarantee that it will hold 100%. Most of our mohair requires dye to obtain a color which means it is not natural. Due to the nature of dye there is no guarantee if it will hold or for how long. We do however use dye that has been advertised to hold its coloration longer than many other dyes. We cannot guarantee that the dye will not bleed because people have been known to use chemicals on the hair which cause the dye to un-set. This is a chemical breakdown process which causes the dye to 'bleed' even though it was properly set. We strongly advise you do not use anything harsh on the mohair, as it is very fragile and you do not want to break down the dye structure.

I'm looking for straight kid mohair, I already have lots of little wavy kid mohair, do you have any that is a straight?

Our little angora kids are all born with little waves. An angora kid will start to get less wavy mohair as it grows, but then it wont be kid mohair anymore. So most of it will be described "kid wave, or small wave" because the angora kid was very young when clipped and most will have the same type wave. As they get older, parts of the mohair get straighter, so the majority of our rare 'Straight Mohair' is from an aged angora. Even then, there is very little to be had.

How can I tell which is the cut end of the mohair?

Upon receiving your packaged mohair if you lay the package in front of you with the label facing you, the cut end will always be on the left. If you need help determining which is the cut end after it has already been removed from the package, you would need to firmly wrap the hair around your finger, moisten a finger tip and wipe it up and down with the direction of the hair. When it glides smoothly it’s going in the growing direction to the tip, when it becomes rough it’s going against the grain back to the cut end.

How does the wind affect your store?

During fire season in California, anytime there is a wind advisory, the electric power companies (PG&E for our area) will cut the power to the lines to prevent fires from starting if the wind causes damage. When the power is cut, we have no internet therfor we cannot fill orders or reply to messages. Processing the mohair slows as there are less steps we are able to complete. The Postal Service is also impacted, mail collection isn't updated and the tracking services are no longer current, some items get rerouted to facilities to better accomidate the impact, this will delay the transit time. The power has been out from 2 days up to nearly a week, our phone lines do not function during these times, and our location doesn't support phone data so using a mobile isn't an available option. During these power shut-off events, there will be a delay in orders shippping out so please plan accordingly.

How is Covid-19 affecting Angora Mohtique?

We are operating business-as-usual (my mother and I), orders are processed within a day and dropped into the collection box for pickup the following day. Contact with others is very minimal and we travel to town about once a month and take the usual precautions. Feed & supplies are being delivered to the house, and all incoming items are sanitized. Because we rely on the Postal Service to operate, the time which mail moves may be delayed. Orders within the USA may experience a delay due to USPS mail load. International orders will experience major delays during transit, expect delays in addition to the estimated transit time we posted, actual transit times are unknown and could be months. I personally had an international order delayed by nearly 3 months so I'm expecting the same. I do not feel an expedited shipping method will improve the time in transit as it all gets held up the same. For International order, please verify your country is accepting incoming parcels from the USA before placing your order. This is the USPS list but it may not reflect what your country has put into effect: https://about.usps.com/newsroom/service-alerts/international/?utm_source=residential&utm_medium=link&utm_campaign=res_to_intl