Definitions to the mohair descriptions:


Below you will find a description to the terms used to define the mohair found on the site; Wave, Age, & Color.






Wave types are listed based on the size of the wave as well as the character of the wave.


Size of wave in order from smallest to largest (measurements are estimates and can vary): 


Small - Usually very wavy, about 1/4 inch waves in size but this can vary. Commonly used for dying ethnic hair.

Medium - Approximately 3/8" to 5/8" waves. Varies from being wavy to a relaxed wave. Wavy may be able to be styled into a curl with help.

Large - Approximately 3/4" waves. Most often a relaxed wave, sometimes it may be wavy.

Slight - Lacks a defined wave and can be styled as straight with help.

The character of the wave will be listed with the size of the wave, for example:

Small Wavy - Mohair with small waves that are wavy and hold their wave firmly.

Medium Gentle Wave - Mohair with medium size waves with a relaxed wave.

Large Wave - Large sized average wave.

Large Slight Wave - Size is between Large and Slight, with a relaxed wave.

Medium/Large Wave - A mix of medium wave and large wave in the lock.

Slight Wave - Almost no wave present, this is the most easily styled straight.

Straight/Slight Wave - As straight as the hair naturally gets, very slight wave.


Our angoras do not produce naturally straight mohair, or naturally curly mohair. It's best described as a wavy type of hair. Young angoras have the waviest mohair while our older angoras will lose the crimp to their mohair as they age. The majority of our Slight wave mohair comes from our adult angoras. There are other angoras out there that have curls, but 'wave' best describes the mohair used here.


Curl - Hair that spirals in a circle.

Wave/Wavy - Hair that bends side to side.






The age of the mohair is used to describe the size of the mohair strand. Young angoras will have a smaller fiber diameter than an adult angora. 


Although mohair on an angora can vary in diameter depending on the part of the body it originated from; back, legs, belly, shoulder, chest. This can make it complicated when one angora can have both very fine and coarse mohair on its body. To simplify this, regardless of what age the angora was, it will be listed depending on the size of mohair. 


When the size is listed, it is identified by the age as follows. Smallest diameter listed first, largest last:

  • Kid Mohair - Often used for newborn applications by professionals. Difficult to handle.

  • Yearling Mohair - Finer look than the Fine Adult Mohair, will need experience and patience.

  • Fine Adult Mohair - Common size used, easier to handle compared to Kid Mohair.

  • Adult Mohair - Not recommended for some applications such as newborns, but easiest to handle.

  • Coarse Adult Mohair- Not often listed, used for crafts other than reborns.


If a micron tool was actually used per every batch of hair it would take far too long to complete. A proper reading would require measuring many strands in a batch of hair and then getting the average number because not every hair in that batch is going to be the same size. This method consumes too much time so every batch on the store will be estimated by looking at it. 







Colors will always vary, one batch of medium brown will look different from the next batch of medium brown. This is due to the mohair we use, each angora has mohair unique to that angora and will cause the mohair to take dye differently. All of our angoras are a different color, even our 'white' angoras vary some from a cream color to a pale color. This variation makes every batch of color turn out different even if the exact same amount of dye is used on exactly the same weight of mohair, yes I've tried it! 


The colors listed will vary in shade and tones:

Shades of Light, Medium, and Dark.

Tones such as Golden, Chocolate, Warm, Ash. (Yellow, Brown, Red, Gray)


Common colors made here listed from light to dark:

Blondes - Pale Blonde, Light Blonde, Medium Blonde, Dark Blonde. 

Browns - Light Brown, Baby Brown, Golden Brown, Medium Brown, Chocolate Brown, Medium/Dark Brown, Dark Brown, Extra Dark Brown or Very Dark Brown.

Auburn - Strawberry Blonde, Carrot Blonde, Carrot, Carrot Redhead, Fair Redhead, Classic Redhead, Redhead, Auburn Redhead, Mahogany.

Black - Black/Brown, Black, Jet Black.


Also made here are colorful locks which are not meant to represent any natural colors, they are fun colors! A few colorful varieties made here:

Dusty Rose Pink


Deep Purple


Cherry Red

Teal Green


Royal Blue

Sun Yellow




Also available are natural colors. Most commonly Natural White, there is sometimes a natural ash blonde. These natural colors have no dye and have not been brightened with anything.