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Notice as of April 25, 2022:
Hello! I am still working on catching up with restocking the store, I should have some Browns, a few Auburn colors and black in the next few weeks. I can take on one custom order at a time so let me know what your are looking for if you are able to wait. Wait time for next custom order is 8 weeks. Also as the weather warms up I will be dedicating a few weeks to clipping the angoras.


Notice: Come November this year I will be changing the stores site provider to a more basic site which will function through PayPal, the domain should stay the same and direct to the new layout.  

Quick facts:

• Each batch produces about 1.5 to 2 ounces of finished mohair, so if a current custom order only requires 1/2 ounce then there will be part of it available to purchase.

• One batch takes about 5 weeks to make, longer for a denser color like black, dark brown, or redhead. 

• Prices vary from $20 - 25.00 per quarter ounce depending on type. i.e Kid starts at $25, Yearling $22, Straight $25. Common $20.

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