Our Story

   12 Years of Mohair   

We are a mother & daughter team who started raising angora goats in 2008. We began processing their mohair into crafting locks at the request of a family member who was an avid doll artist. In time we had a method established to create different colors of mohair, unique packaging, and a hobby that has become most enjoyable. 

Our herd of angoras has been slowly evolving into doll hair specific angoras, for not every angora can produce quality mohair crafting locks for rooting dolls. Our angoras have a wonderful mohair type which makes it a pleasure to work with and to better simulate baby hair.

Currently we manage a small herd of 20 angoras, we care for them ourselves, feeding & watering, clipping their mohair, and trimming their toes. We see to them when health issues arise, and assist them at birthing to make sure dam and kid bond. It's a very enjoyable experience to raise angora goats, and have even learned to spin mohair and crochet it into hats, scarves, and blankets.